LIVE | DEC 11, 2021 | 2:00PM CST


with Jasmine L. Holmes

Order an AUTOGRAPHED paperback edition of Carved in Ebony and submit a question to Jasmine Holmes for the live stream!



How It Works


Order the Book and Submit your question.

Visit to purchase a signed copy and receive a form to submit your question and a link to the live stream.


Tune In To The Live Stream And Enjoy.

Watch a high-quality stream as Jasmine goes live to answer your questions, tell stories and autograph copies of the book.


Receive a Signed Copy of carved in Ebony.

2-3 weeks after the live stream event is completed, you will receive your autographed copy of the book.


  • Carved in Ebony Timeline + Explainer Video

    Covers the life of each of the women in the book, including ministry milestones as well as major events in U.S. history that occurred during their lifetime.

  • Forten/Grimke Family Tree + Explainer Video

     Illustrates the connection between the two families and explains why this is significant.

  • $10 discount code

    Save on your next purchase at the Carved in Ebony online store.


  • Do I have to watch the live stream to order a signed book?

    No, you can order a signed copy of the book before, during, and even after the live stream (depending on availability).

  • Will the author answer the question I submit?

    It depends on the number of questions/participants. If we have a large attendance, all of the questions asked won't get answered due to time restraints. While most virtual book signings last 30-60 minutes, Jasmine has committed to answer questions for up to 90 minutes.

  • How can I increase the chances of my question being answered?

    1. Keep your question relatively short and clear (1-2 sentences). You may want to bounce it off of a friend to receive feedback on brevity and clarity.2. Avoid controversial, sensitive, or personal topics. If you follow Jasmine on Instagram, you can quickly grasp the types of questions she's happy to answer versus those she's found problematic in the past.3. Ask a question related to the topics covered in the book (although they don't have to necessarily be specific to the book) or ask about something that the author is passionate about based on your previous observations.

  • Can I gift this to someone and will it get delivered by Christmas?

    We think this could be a fantastic gift idea! We scheduled on December 11th with the hope that we could get orders out in time for Christmas. We can't make any promises but we'll certainly do our best.

  • When will my order ship?

    Your order should ship within five to ten business days. You will receive an email with tracking details when it ships.

  • I already ordered the book, can I just participate in the live event?

    Of course! You can purchase an event pass for $5. 

  • If I already purchased a book, why should I purchase an additional signed copy?

    Purchasing a signed copy could be kept as a private collectible while your first copy can be shared with others through your personal library. But you don't have to purchase a signed copy to attend the event. You can purchase an event pass for only $10.

  • I can't pay for a signed copy or event pass at the moment. Will there be a replay?

    If you'd like to attend but simply can't afford it at the moment, we completely understand. Fill out this form and we'll send you a link to sign up.


If you would only like to join the Q&A, you can by purchasing an event pass for $5.